Al is a creative professional from the Boston area with expertise in all aspects of image retouching and creation, catalog design, layout and production.

Photographic retouching is a combination of knowledge, technical expertise, and artistic ability. These examples  encompass everything from basic color correction and simple silos to complex product changes and complete scene reconstruction. Tens of millions of people have seen my work over the past twenty years, and never realized it -  because the better you are at your job, the less obvious it is.

I have worked nearly twenty years as a designer at Brookstone, producing  hundreds of catalogs, mailers, a number of promotional and retail displays, web banners and some packaging.  Additionally, as owner of Atlantic Design & Graphics, I have produced a variety of designs for companies such as Eve's Garden and Fleetwood Recording Studios.

Most of the digital paintings shown here were featured in the gallery show "Myth, Mystery, and Mysticism". I did not use any photography in these pieces - they were created from a blank digital canvas using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. Limited edition prints on canvas or paper are available for many of these works in a variety of sizes. Please contact me for more information.